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          STC 615 Swing arm Tire Changer

          Rim clamping outside10"-20"
          Rim clamping inside13"-24"
          Max. tire width355mm
          Max. Tire diameter1070mm
          Operating pressure8-10bar
          Power supply110V/220V/380V/50HZ/60HZ
          Motor power1.1kw/0.75kw


          1、Economical and practical type.

          2、Stainless steel working head.

          3、Piston of spade cylinder is high density aluminum casting to prolong  its service life.

          4、The clamping jaw is made of precision steel cast which is firm and durable.

          5、40A reversing  switch.

          6、When the machine is running, the noise is low.

          7、It has good personal presentation, thick steel plate and super strong rigidness.

          8、The products get the Europe quality standard, and gained Europe CE certification.

          9、Optional  double speed motor.

          10、Optional  motorcycle adaptor.

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