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          Wheel Alignment 3D TD-B12

          Optional electric lifting rod 

          1.Windows 10 operating system, 3D wheel alignment software

          2.Easy to operate with guiding machine menu, to read alignment

             database within 3minutes.

          3.The fault of machine can be reduced as no electric element  battery

               transmission cable Bluetooth infrared ray on the target plates.

          4.Calibration made before delivery, easy to install and use, no influenced

              by working site

          5.Wide range of sight with high performance digital camera.

          6.Different colors of LED to show different step of operation

          7.User can operate different steps according to color changing on screen.

          8.Set with Volkswagen dedicated application, can measure and adjust

             toe-arc for A6, B5

          9.26 kinds of language for different countries and districts

          10.25000 vehicle databases, online updating

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