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          STB900 Wheel balancer for car

          Rim Width


          Rim Diameter10"-24"
          Max. tire Diameter1000mm
          Balancing Speed200r/min
          Balancing Precision±1g
          Motor110V/220V  50/60HZ


          1、The product contains DYN/STA /motorcycle balancing and kinds of ALU modes. 

          2、With the function of laser positioning and Lighting.

          3、High-precision machinery spindle  ensure the measuring precision.

          4、Changeable between gram and ounce ; 

          5、Changeable between millimeter and inch.

          6、Perfect wheel hood with the function of starting and braking automatically.

          7、Self diagnosis and self calibration.

          8、Foot braking pedal to stabilize wheel and select accurate balance weight's position.

          9、Large flange and cone for balancing light truck and minibus wheels (optional).

          10、Optional motorcycle adaptor, having motorcycle balance mode.

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