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          STB890A Wheel balancer for car

          Rim Width


          Rim Diameter10"-24"
          Max. tire Diameter1000mm
          Balancing Speed200r/min
          Balancing Precision±1g
          Motor110V/220V  50/60HZ

          Features :

          1、Motorcycle wheel balancer, Equipped with motorcycle balancing clamp.

          2、The product contains motorcycle wheel balancing, DYN/STA and kinds of ALU modes .

          3、High-precision machinery spindle ensure the measuring precision.

          4、Changeable between gram and ounce ; 

          5、Changeable between millimeter and inch.

          6、Self diagnosis and self calibration.

          7、Optional cone, could balance for car tire.

          8、Optional large flange and cone for balancing light truck and minibus wheels .

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